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  • Introducing the Apple iRing

    Apple recently applied for a patent in the United States for what could be called an iRing. This initially sounds like a goofy idea but hold that thought!

    Written by David Gee12 Oct. 15 08:42
  • Cybersecurity challenges in 2013

    The security issues affecting businesses are similar around the world. Most involve employees innocently bringing an infected personal mobile device into the corporate network, or clicking on a social media link that looks harmless but hides a Trojan or worm that will secretly steal data and money and, potentially, remain undetected with severe impact on security of the infected device.

    Written by Dmitriy Ayrapetov, director of product management of Dell SonicWALL08 March 13 21:14
  • Banks eye money from mobile

    Global financial institutions have identified emerging mobile platforms as a major revenue growth opportunity as they fight to counter threats from non-traditional sources.

    Written by Mark Phillips17 Aug. 11 16:22