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  • Victorian council blasts NBN rollout

    The NBN rollout has been labelled as “poorly planned” and “inconsistent” by Victoria’s Mansfield Shire Council.

    Written by Leon Spencer20 April 17 17:33
  • nbn shakes up rollout mix, again

    nbn is boosting its FttC footprint to one million premises, in yet another shake-up of its rollout technology mix.

    Written by Leon Spencer11 April 17 10:52
  • QLD Govt up in arms over NBN rollout

    The Queensland Government has blasted nbn over its decision to not publicly report progress against its three-year NBN rollout plan.

    Written by Holly Morgan05 April 17 16:41
  • ACT Chief Minister blasts NBN rollout

    The NBN is unlikely to meet the needs of the Australian Capital Territory, according to the territory’s Chief Minister, Andrew Barr.

    Written by Leon Spencer31 March 17 17:26
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  • Tasmanian NBN Co appoints board

    The Tasmania NBN Co Limited (TNBN Co) has been established to rollout and operate the National Broadband Network in Tasmania.

    Written by CIO Staff14 Aug. 09 07:31
  • NBNCo board, chair working under market rates: Conroy

    The Federal Governemnt is expected to announced the full management team of the National Broadband Network Company (NBNCo) shortly, according to Communications minister Stephen Conroy.

    Written by Tim Lohman20 July 09 10:59
  • NBN to accelerate botnet attacks?

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) could prove to be a best friend to cyber criminals, according to the head of the Australia's National Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT).

    Written by Tim Lohman09 July 09 09:03
  • Rural blackspots to get priority in NBN roll-out

    The Federal Government is to spend up to $250 million on new backbone transmission links to a number of regional centres including Broken Hill, Darwin and Geraldton, as part of its Regional Backbone Blackspots Program.

    Written by Tim Lohman02 July 09 08:44

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