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  • UniSA secures $245M for smart satellite centre

    The University of South Australia has been granted $55 million to develop a cooperative research centre for smart satellite technologies and analytics (SmartSat CRC)​.

    Written by CIO Staff15 April 19 12:15
  • White House launches strategy to lead world in quantum

    The White House yesterday launched a national strategy for Quantum Information Science (QIS) in a bid to secure global leadership in “the next technological revolution”.

    Written by George Nott25 Sept. 18 10:49
  • NASA probe to fly close to the Sun

    NASA launched a space probe early Sunday that will go closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before, the agency announced.

    Written by Reuters13 Aug. 18 09:15
  • NASA rover threatened by huge Martian dust storm

    An immense dust storm that may soon encircle Mars is threatening one of NASA's rovers on the planet's surface, with the vehicle becoming dormant and unresponsive at a site called Perseverance Valley, U.S. space agency officials said on Wednesday.

    Written by Reuters15 June 18 10:27
  • Pluto's dunes are made of grains of frozen methane

    Scientists have detected another exotic feature on one of the solar system's most wondrous worlds, a large field of dunes on the surface of the distant, frigid dwarf planet Pluto apparently composed of wind-swept, sand-sized grains of frozen methane.

    Written by Reuters01 June 18 09:33
  • NASA set to fly chopper to Mars

    NASA said it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the U.S. space agency's 2020 mission to place a next-generation rover on the Martian surface, marking the first time such an aircraft will be used on another world.

    Written by Reuters14 May 18 10:46
  • NASA launches lander to study Mars' interior

    An Atlas 5 rocket soared into space early on Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, carrying NASA's first robotic lander designed for exploring the deep interior of another planet on its voyage to Mars.

    Written by Reuters07 May 18 09:23
  • Google's machine learning helps NASA find two new planets

    ​Alphabet's Google and NASA said on Thursday that advanced computer analysis identified two new planets around distant stars, including one that is part of the first star system with as many planets as Earth's solar system.

    Written by Reuters15 Dec. 17 11:14
  • Woodside eyes robots for hazardous work

    ​Woodside Energy is one step closer to understanding how robots could potentially undertake hazardous tasks in remote environments, creating new tools for employees to use and making operations safer and more efficient.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien08 March 17 11:25