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  • Apple's iPod turns 10

    Apple's iPod, which transformed the way music is sold and distributed and revolutionized the consumer electronics industry, turned 10 on Sunday.

    Written by Christina DesMarais24 Oct. 11 01:58
  • Fox's 8-day content delay encourages piracy

    Fox recently decided to stop releasing free online streams of its TV shows on Hulu the day after they air -- instead, Fox is delaying free streaming for eight days. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this choice by the network has resulted in an increase in over-100-percent increase in piracy.

    Written by Brennon Slattery24 Aug. 11 06:45
  • So, You're Being Sued for Piracy

    Hollywood may have <a href="">stopped its massive litigation campaigns</a> against illegal file swappers in 2008, but the piracy lawsuits are still flying. Now teams of lawyers working for certain small businesses are going after illegal file swappers. These businesses, often referred to as "copyright trolls," are attempting to turn the <a href="">threat of suing pirates</a> into a profitable cottage industry.

    Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal17 June 11 11:10