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  • How to overcome the challenges of multi-sourcing

    Why should sourcing professionals embrace multi-sourcing approaches? There are several key reasons, including exerting competitive pressure over suppliers, gaining access to specialised skills, and compelling better performance from providers. Of course, using multiple providers is nothing new, but taking a systematic approach to multi-sourcing governance is. However, before embarking down this road, there are several factors sourcing professionals need to consider, which when combined, present challenges in achieving multi-sourcing success:

    Written by Bill Martorelli04 April 11 11:08
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  • 8 Tips to Deal With Liability When Outsourcing to Multiple IT Vendors

    Parceling out an IT services portfolio among a number of vendors is the new normal for IT outsourcing. However, these multi-sourcing arrangements are complicated -- if things go wrong there's no single provider to blame. Here are eight steps you can take to manage liability in a multi-sourced environment.

    Written by Stephanie Overby21 Feb. 14 19:41