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  • Wednesday Grok: Google is about to kill Firefox

    When was the last time you even noticed which browser you used, and frankly why would you care? They all will pretty much get you from 01000001 to 01000010 on the Web as quick as you click.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham07 Dec. 11 10:31
  • Getting secure with Mantra: An open source penetration testing kit

    Mantra is an open source, browser-based framework for penetration testing and security assessments. It's based on Mozilla's Firefox Web browser, so it's cross-platform, and it's part of the Open Web Application Security Project -- OWASP.

    Written by Rohan Pearce04 July 11 09:53
  • Mozilla patches 16 security bugs in Firefox 3.6

    Mozilla on Tuesday patched 16 vulnerabilities, nine of them critical, in Firefox 3.6, the largest update for the open-source browser since March.

    Written by Gregg Keizer22 July 10 04:18
  • Mozilla yanks password-stealing Firefox add-on

    Mozilla on Tuesday warned users that a password-stealing add-on slipped into Firefox's extension gallery more than a month ago had been downloaded nearly 2,000 times before it was detected.

    Written by Gregg Keizer15 July 10 04:20
  • Mozilla wants to make Firefox a speedster

    Mozilla, with its planned Firefox 4 browser, intends to make the browser "super-duper fast" and enable use of standard Web technologies including HTML5 and beyond, a Mozilla official said in a blog entry this week.

    Written by Paul Krill12 May 10 04:22
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  • Pimp my browser: How to get the most out of Firefox

    Thanks to online video, Web apps, social networking, and so on, the humble Web browser is being pushed to do more and to do it faster. With a few simple tweaks and tools, you can improve your browsing experience and save yourself some time in the process.

    Written by Chris Brandrick04 Sept. 09 09:04
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  • Lab Notes: The Inside Scoop on Browser Speed Testing

    If you're a regular PCWorld reader, you may have noticed the Browser Blowout story we posted last week. In it, I looked at various aspects of the major Web browsers, including features, interface, security, and performance.

    Written by Nick Mediati03 Aug. 10 10:28