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  • USB 3.1 set to reach desktops

    The emerging USB 3.1 standard is set to reach desktops as hardware companies release motherboards with ports that can transfer data two times faster than the previous USB technology.

    Written by Agam Shah26 March 15 07:08
  • Windows 8 comes to open-source PCs with GizmoSphere board

    The market for x86 open-source PCs is now a two-horse race, with GizmoSphere releasing schematics and design documents for hobbyists to build from scratch a Windows 8 computer based on open design.

    Written by Agam Shah15 Aug. 13 16:43
  • IBM moves toward post-silicon transistor

    Exploring methods of computing without silicon, IBM has found a way to make transistors that could be fashioned into virtual circuitry that mimics how the human brain operates.

    Written by Joab Jackson21 March 13 19:43
  • New $89 open-source hardware runs full Linux OS

    An open-source hardware group on Monday announced a US$89 credit-card sized motherboard based on an ARM processor that could be used for robotics, gaming and medical devices.

    Written by Agam Shah01 Nov. 11 03:55
  • Intel speeds up road map to tackle threat from ARM

    Intel will dramatically shake up its microprocessor road map to meet the demand for very-low-power processors and to fend off the competitive threat from rival chip design company ARM, CEO Paul Otellini said on Tuesday.

    Written by James Niccolai18 May 11 03:25
  • Analyst: Japanese quake cuts silicon wafer supply

    The massive earthquake in Japan this month has suspended a quarter of the world's production of silicon wafers for semiconductors, hitting memory chips hardest, market research firm IHS iSuppli said in a note on Tuesday.

    Written by Ralph Jennings22 March 11 22:14
  • Taiwanese semiconductor firms face supply shortages in Japan

    Taiwan's major semiconductor manufacturers, a crucial link in the global tech supply chain, scrambled on Monday to gauge how their access to raw materials from Japanese suppliers will be affected by the powerful earthquake in Japan.

    Written by Ralph Jennings14 March 11 20:41
  • Taiwanese PC makers see Q1 snags after Intel recall

    Taiwan's top computer makers such as Acer and Asustek expect dips in first-quarter shipments as they stop early sales of units containing potentially flawed chipsets recalled by Intel.

    Written by Ralph Jennings09 Feb. 11 20:22
  • Gigabyte releases new high-speed motherboards

    Gigabyte Technology on Thursday released a series of high-speed motherboards designed to let more applications run at once, without losing speed, and to convert video 10 times faster than normal.

    Written by Ralph Jennings06 Jan. 11 13:51