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  • 5 tech chiefs talk ‘pain points’ and transformation

    The push towards more intelligent - even invisible - networks is an exciting future and one we’re all working towards, according to a group of tech leaders during a recent CIO panel discussion at the Juniper Nxtwork 2019 event in Sydney.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 Sept. 19 11:55
  • Mortgage Choice embarks on CRM consolidation

    Residential mortgage broker, Mortgage Choice, is in the middle of a Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) rollout which will replace three separate CRM systems.

    Written by Hamish Barwick17 Feb. 15 12:28
  • CIO head-to-head: Data governance versus ownership

    We ask three CIOs to share their views on whether IT remains the natural owner of data, or if the lines of responsibility are blurring in their companies.

    Written by Nadia Cameron and Byron Connolly30 Jan. 15 11:59
  • The sharp-eyed CIO

    Neill Rose-Innes has a strong focus on the business as CIO and GM of operations at Mortgage Choice. But he says acquiring and retaining customers is what it's really all about.

    Written by Tim Mendham16 Aug. 13 11:28
  • CIOs talk: iPad adoption strategies

    As CIOs battle the influx of tablet devices in the workplace, deliberation over enterprise adoption strategies is on the rise.

    Written by Lisa Banks06 Dec. 10 14:24