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  • Mobility driving business efficiency: government CIOs

    For government agencies, many of their employees work ‘out in the field’ – whether it’s on an infrastructure project, or meeting with community groups and members – so being able to work remotely is critical to business efficiency.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett30 May 13 12:27
  • Gartner: Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2013

    If some of the top 10 strategic technology trends going into 2013 look familiar it's because quite a few -- like cloud computing and mobile trends -- have been around for awhile but are now either morphing or changing in ways that will continue to impact IT in the next year.

    Written by Michael Cooney23 Oct. 12 18:46
  • Android, iPhone users outpace BlackBerry, Symbian users in data usage

    It's no surprise that iPhone and Android users are using more data today than the iPhone users of two years ago (when there were no popular Android devices). But a recent report from Arieso, a British firm that provides cellular carriers software to optimize their network performance, does contain surprises, and it reveals how much people are using data services on their cellular devices.

    Written by Galen Gruman16 Dec. 10 02:54
  • Inside Google's new Chrome OS 'Chromebook'

    It's been a year since Google first said it would deliver a browser-only operating system for laptops called Chrome OS. Today, Google previewed the real thing at a time the iPad slate concept has already gained remarkable traction by businesses and users alike. ( is covering this event live. Return to this story to get the latest updates.)

    Written by Galen Gruman08 Dec. 10 06:55
  • Lonely Planet keys mobile competition for online success

    Adopting emerging platforms quickly and fostering innovation among IT staff were vital to the success of Lonely Planet's online initiatives, according to chief executive, Matt Goldberg.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 Nov. 10 10:44
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  • Stupid mobile tricks: 7 stories of smartphone horror

    For a device with "smart" in its name, a smartphone sure can help you do a lot of stupid things. Whether it's racking up thousands of dollars in international roaming fees or encouraging dozens of eye rolls with your misrouted voice dialing -- I'm looking at you, guy who calls Ben O'Lynn in accounting every time he means to call Bennigan's for lunch -- our modern-day mobile devices provide plenty of opportunities for tech-tinged embarrassment.

    Written by JR Raphael06 Aug. 10 07:52