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  • Tablets, Mobile Malware Heighten BYOD Security Concerns

    With the increased popularity of powerful tablets and the rise in mobile malware, it's no surprise that Forrester research released today shows that IT managers feel uneasy about BYOD.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige19 Nov. 13 21:54
  • Cybersecurity challenges in 2013

    The security issues affecting businesses are similar around the world. Most involve employees innocently bringing an infected personal mobile device into the corporate network, or clicking on a social media link that looks harmless but hides a Trojan or worm that will secretly steal data and money and, potentially, remain undetected with severe impact on security of the infected device.

    Written by Dmitriy Ayrapetov, director of product management of Dell SonicWALL08 March 13 21:14
  • The 5 worst mobile threats of 2012

    New types of mobile malware make headlines every day, but what are the most prevalent threats out there? The team at Nominum decided to find out by analyzing Domain Name System (DNS) data of approximately half a million users from various countries.

    Written by Craig Sprosts, VP, platform and applications, Nominum01 Nov. 12 22:47
  • Mobile apps and security: What you need to know

    A Melbourne-based app developer has spoken about the security pitfalls of smartphone apps, saying that while certain mobile environments are more susceptible to malware, such risks can be eliminated through encryption and using common sense.

    Written by Lisa Banks02 Sept. 11 17:16
  • Mobile Malware and Cyber Warfare

    Security analysts have been predicting the emergence of mobile malware for many years.
    In 2011, the criminals have finally come through by attacking Google's popular Android
    OS. Meanwhile, the sophistication of Stuxnet — anasty piece of code that infected a nuclear power
    facility — has alarmed researchers who believegovernments are stockpiling tools for cyberwar.
    Looking ahead, it seems a cataclysmic Cloud failure is just around the corner.

    Written by CSO staff14 June 11 20:38
  • AusCERT 2011: Mobile banking malware on the rise

    Chief technology officer of Trusteer, Amit Klein, has spoken about the trends of mobile malware, citing mobile banking as the next big threat to the industry.

    Written by Lisa Banks17 May 11 09:50