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  • New interfaces challenge touch

    Touchscreens could be extinct if researchers pioneering new human-computer interfaces have anything to say about it. From brain-controlled machines to gesture-driven devices, there's a range of technologies in development that may find their way into everyday electronic devices.

    Written by Nick Barber16 Nov. 11 05:07
  • MIT robots take stage in new opera

    An unlikely pair of robots and opera singers teamed up for the U.S. debut of "Death and the Powers: The Robots' Opera" in Boston Friday night.

    Written by Nick Barber23 March 11 02:31
  • MIT app uses mobile phone to determine eyeglass prescription

    MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a mobile-phone application that, coupled with a small plastic device held over the screen, can determine users' eyeglass prescriptions. Called NETRA or near-eye tool for refractive assessment, the system asks users to align lines on the phone's screen while looking through a small plastic cube.

    Written by Nick Barber29 June 10 03:22
  • Surround Vision hopes to change TV viewing experience

    Santiago Alfaro hopes to one day use the Surround Vision technology he created at the MIT Media Lab and work with famous director James Cameron to incorporate it into a film.

    Written by Nick Barber10 May 10 04:13