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  • IP Australia’s cloud and API play underway

    Armed with a “mandate for change”, Kalra has ambitious plans for the agency. He has put in place a new strategy, restructured the technology team, and transformed the way staff work to make the agency more nimble, faster moving and ready for the future.

    Written by George Nott11 Dec. 17 07:30
  • IT grads beaten by better-prepared migrants to jobs: report

    ​Despite the abundance of jobs in the field, Australian IT graduates struggle to find employment because they’re not properly prepared for the workplace and face stiff competition from skilled migrants, says a report.

    Written by George Nott08 Aug. 16 10:49
  • The dangerous migration of IT professionals

    It will come as no surprise to most IT professionals that the greater the IT infrastructure sprawl, the less interesting your typical working day will be.

    Written by Clive Gold05 Sept. 11 12:13
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  • The great virtualization management and migration tools race

    Third-party virtualization companies appear to be taking advantage of what are traditionally slow news weeks in the technology business by rushing out a host of products designed to make virtualization infrastructures more manageable, cheaper, and easier to squeeze into previously unappreciated corners of the IT world.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty19 June 09 04:24

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