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  • Ellison sings a new tune: Oracle hardware is cheapest

    Larry Ellison has opened a new front in his battle with Cisco Systems and EMC, launching new Oracle hardware on Wednesday that he claims will be the cheapest on the market.

    Written by James Niccolai22 Jan. 15 13:17
  • HP expects first x86 Nonstop systems next year

    Hewlett-Packard is eyeing 2015 for the release of its first Nonstop systems based on x86 server hardware, a company official said this week.

    Written by James Niccolai02 May 14 06:30
  • New server can be parachuted into extreme environments

    A rugged server from NCS Technologies introduced on Friday can withstand drops, will work in extreme temperatures and can be deployed via parachute into crisis areas or war zones if needed.

    Written by Agam Shah25 Jan. 13 19:23