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  • MicroStrategy 10 promises enhanced BI with more governance, security

    Recognizing the growing tension between IT departments and enterprise users eager for more self-serve analytics tools, MicroStrategy has added heightened security and governance capabilities to the latest version of its namesake BI platform.

    Written by Katherine Noyes05 June 15 04:05
  • Business Intelligence Meets Mobility at eHarmony

    Mobility is hardly new in enterprise circles. Businesses are busily building mobile apps for in-house use and for customers, while the task of managing employees' mobile devices absorbs many companies' CIOs.

    Written by John Moore12 Nov. 14 02:03
  • In pictures: CIO Summit Sydney

    CIOs and other IT leaders gathered at Sydney's Hilton Hotel for the 2014 CIO Summit.

    Written by Byron Connolly25 July 14 12:04
  • Dell lets managers go 'off road' with self-serve analytics

    Once upon a time within Dell, managers who needed a business analysis report had to put in an IT request, a drawn out process that drove business units to set up their own shadow IT systems to run these numbers instead.

    Written by Joab Jackson31 Jan. 14 18:40
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  • Business intelligence evolution

    Australian CIOs may be thankful this year’s flu season was relatively sparing on their employees, but many have themselves become the source of another form of infection within their business - the ever growing call for more robust business intelligence.

    Written by Brad Howarth01 Oct. 10 18:24