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  • Novell Moonlight upgrade tracks Silverlight improvements

    The Novell-sponsored Mono Project on Tuesday will offer a beta version of Moonlight 4, an open source Linux implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application plug-in that tracks the most recent Microsoft release, Silverlight 4.

    Written by Paul Krill16 Feb. 11 01:02
  • Microsoft details Silverlight upgrade plans

    Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application platform, which has been the subject of speculation lately about its future, will get a refresh next year when the company releases Silverlight 5.

    Written by Paul Krill03 Dec. 10 04:42
  • Microsoft's Silverlight damage control intensifies

    More Microsoft executives are chiming in this week about the company's commitment to the Silverlight rich Internet application platform, after comments from another executive had raised questions about Silverlight's future.

    Written by Paul Krill06 Nov. 10 03:42
  • Microsoft sharpening Razor view engine for ASP.Net

    Microsoft is developing a "view engine" for its ASP.Net Web development platform, optimized around HTML generation via a code-focused templating approach, a Microsoft official said in a blog post.

    Written by Paul Krill07 July 10 06:57