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  • FTC warns of using big data to exclude consumers

    The collection and analysis of big data holds great promise, but may also lead some companies to create profiles of consumers leading to discrimination, the chairwoman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday.

    Written by Grant Gross16 Sept. 14 05:19
  • Microsoft researchers explore 'job-centric' cloud model

    Elasticity — the ability to ramp up or down computing resources depending on need — is one of the key benefits of cloud computing. Not being shackled to their own, in-house hardware means organisations can dial up the amount of resources they need to crunch big data sets, run their Web presence during spikes and troughs in demand and process periodic jobs without needing the internal resources necessary to cope with only peak demand.

    Written by Rohan Pearce25 Oct. 12 12:32
  • Building a more resourceful cloud

    While managers may anticipate how cloud computing will one day ease IT headaches, the purveyors of cloud services themselves still need to further fine-tune the way their cloud services are metered and managed in order to make truly flexible cloud computing a reality.

    Written by Joab Jackson15 June 11 07:47
  • Microsoft researcher wins Turing Award

    The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has awarded the 2009 A.M. Turing Award to Charles P. Thacker, for his work in pioneering the networked personal computer.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 March 10 07:51