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  • Newvem expands to monitor Azure and Amazon clouds

    Newvem, which sells a tool that allows users to track and optimize their use of cloud computing resources, has expanded its software's functionality to monitor not just Amazon Web Services, but now Microsoft Azure now as well.

    Written by Brandon Butler17 May 13 16:29
  • 'Good enough' Microsoft Hyper-V starts turning more heads

    About three years ago Embotics jumped into developing support in its private cloud management platform for Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor, hopeful that the VMware virtualization challenger would take off. When that takeoff initially stalled, Embotics curtailed its Hyper-V work to focus resources elsewhere.

    Written by Brandon Butler23 April 13 17:14
  • Google, Microsoft watching Amazon's cloud moves

    Among the 6,000 attendees of Amazon Web Services' first user conference were representatives from competing cloud companies Google and Microsoft. But these companies didn't have big booths and announcements like many other companies at the show. In fact, they were being a bit stealthy.

    Written by Brandon Butler04 Dec. 12 19:14