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  • NSA Leaker Snowden May Have Had Help

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers is skeptical that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden could have known to look for all the documents he leaked and been able to circumvent security checks on his own.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin03 Oct. 13 23:23
  • Lawmaker: Snowden may have had help with leaks

    Edward Snowden may not have acted alone, and may have had outside assistance, when he leaked information about the U.S. National Security Agency's data collection and surveillance programs earlier this year.

    Written by Grant Gross03 Oct. 13 15:50
  • Report: NSA collected US email records, Internet use for years

    The U.S. National Security Agency collected the email and Internet use records of some U.S. residents for about a decade following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to documents published Thursday by the U.K. newspaper the Guardian.

    Written by Grant Gross27 June 13 17:04
  • US lawmakers point to China as cause of cyberattacks

    U.S. government officials need to put more pressure on their Chinese counterparts to stop a "pervasive" cyber-espionage campaign targeting U.S. companies, one U.S. lawmaker said Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross05 Oct. 11 06:27