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  • Combating security breaches with managed file transfer technology

    Last October a large company revealed that an employee mistakenly sent an email to an unauthorized recipient containing the names and Social Security numbers of former employees. Six months earlier, a larage Texas university accidentally exposed personal information about as many as 4,000 alumni in an electronic file accidentally attached to an email sent to one person who had requested a transcript. That's just the tip of the iceberg in insider-triggered security breaches.

    Written by Rohit Khanna, executive vice president of global strategy and corporate development, SEEBURGER AG12 Feb. 13 21:28
  • File transfer systems adapting to today's cloudy conditions

    Email is still the dominant way to send information from one person to another. But when lots of big files are being sent, email servers can quickly start feeling the pressure, leading to degraded performance and network bandwidth strain.

    Written by Brandon Butler13 Nov. 12 11:53
  • 6 tools to manage large file transfers

    The managed file transfer (MFT) industry has a players ranging from big-name tech titans to up-and-coming next-generation cloud-based vendors. Below is a list of some, but not all, players in this industry and a brief description.

    Written by Brandon Butler13 Nov. 12 11:53