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  • Why you should interview your next boss

    As a CIO we all have different experiences with our supervisor. Of course there are huge variances in who we report to – the CEO, COO, CFO, global CIO or regional CIO for example. In each instance (and I’ve had experiences with each example), there are pluses and minuses.

    Written by David Gee28 Nov. 17 14:43
  • ​Living in the land of fast internet

    Australia is playing ‘catchup’ on broadband service delivery and our slowness will work against us in terms of international competitiveness.

    Written by David Gee06 Oct. 16 16:51
  • ​David Gee joins Metlife Japan as CIO

    Former CUA CIO, David Gee, has moved across to Metlife Insurance in Japan as its new statutory executive officer, senior VP, and CIO.

    Written by Byron Connolly11 July 16 10:51
  • MetLife appoints new CIO

    MetLife Australia has appointed former Woolworths head of technology, Tim Batten as its CIO, replacing Mathews George who has left the organisation.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 July 15 11:10