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  • Mega launches vulnerability reward program

    The Mega file-sharing service has launched a vulnerability reward program that will pay up to €10,000 (around US$13,600) for every serious security flaw found in the platform and reported responsibly. The rules of the program were laid out in a blog post published Saturday.

    Written by Lucian Constantin04 Feb. 13 14:54
  • French website hits stumbling block indexing Mega files

    A French website collecting links to content stored on the Mega file-sharing service is experiencing trouble in what may be an effort by Kim Dotcom's latest enterprise to avoid concerns over illegal file sharing.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk01 Feb. 13 02:05
  • Mega responds to security concerns; promises some changes

    Representatives of newly launched file-storage and sharing service Mega addressed some of the concerns raised by security researchers in recent days about the site's architecture and the implementation of its cryptographic features.

    Written by Lucian Constantin23 Jan. 13 19:05
  • Doubt cast on the security of Kim Dotcom's Mega service

    Kim Dotcom's bold new venture, the file-storage and sharing service Mega, is drawing criticism as security researchers analyze how the site protects users' data. In short, they advise: don't trust it.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk22 Jan. 13 03:44