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  • FCC riles AT&T by releasing report on T-Mobile merger

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has allowed AT&T to withdraw its application to buy the mobile licenses owned by T-Mobile USA, as AT&T had requested, but the agency has also released a staff report that disputes many of the benefits the two mobile carriers claimed the merger would produce.

    Written by Grant Gross30 Nov. 11 11:27
  • Critics of AT&T/T-Mobile merger question job gain estimates

    AT&T's assertions that its planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA will create up to 96,000 new U.S. jobs are "completely unfounded" and contrary to past evidence of similar mergers, one economist said Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross09 Nov. 11 10:04
  • ISP lawsuit: Net neutrality rules aren't strong enough

    A North Carolina ISP has filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules, with the ISP arguing the regulations aren't strong enough for wireless and mobile broadband providers like itself.

    Written by Grant Gross01 Oct. 11 06:00
  • Consumer groups cheer DOJ's move to block AT&T acquisition

    Several consumer and digital rights groups applauded the U.S. Department of Justice's opposition to AT&T's proposed acquisition of rival mobile carrier T-Mobile USA, with critics of the deal saying it would have hurt consumers.

    Written by Grant Gross01 Sept. 11 06:48
  • New bill would require mobile carriers to detail 4G speeds

    New legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives would require mobile carriers to detail their "guaranteed minimum" data speeds and their network reliability statistics to potential customers.

    Written by Grant Gross23 June 11 01:39