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  • HP unifies application development management

    Focusing on software delivery processes, Hewlett-Packard will formally launch today its HP ALM 11 Platform, which the company says automates application modernization from requirements management to quality and performance.

    Written by Paul Krill30 Nov. 10 20:50
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  • Meaningful Use, 3D Imaging Drive Health Data Storage Demand

    Healthcare providers are under siege by massive amounts of data. This is forcing the industry to upgrade its aging storage infrastructures, architectures and systems. Where that data is being stored may come as a surprise.

    Written by Allen Bernard22 May 13 12:47
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  • 13 tips to achieve Cloud success

    We interviewed 17 CIOs and IT leaders about their public and private cloud deployments, usage trends, skills requirements, lingering obstacles and future plans. Here are some nuggets of advice from these cloud giants.

    Written by Ann Bednarz14 Oct. 14 23:30
  • CIOs Share Must-Have Cloud Skills

    As the clouds roll in, IT organizations are recasting their tech talent requirements.

    Written by Ann Bednarz14 Oct. 14 22:59