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  • Premier 100 IT Leader: Garry Lyons

    When MasterCard WorldWide's chief innovation officer, Garry Lyons, launched MasterCard Labs two years ago, his approach to hiring was anything but conventional. Lyons began by recruiting talented people who didn't know anything about the payments processing business. "If you know too much about a particular domain, you end up saying 'that won't work' or incrementally improving something." And that, Lyons says, won't lead to the kind of innovations that bring disruptive change to the business. "Our goal is to get next-generation payment solutions into the market faster and cheaper than ever before," he adds.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell25 Feb. 13 15:45
  • Two major Dutch banks to introduce contactless debit cards

    Major Dutch banks ING and ABN Amro will introduce MasterCard PayPass contactless payment cards to their customers by mid-2013, making the Netherlands the largest PayPass debit card country in Europe, MasterCard announced on Wednesday.

    Written by Loek Essers31 Oct. 12 15:24
  • MasterCard to help track emissions with new service

    MasterCard WorldWide on Thursday announced a program to help companies go green by capturing and analyzing travel related carbon emissions based on card transactions.

    Written by Agam Shah13 May 11 22:02