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  • How St John of God Health Care is building a customer-led digital strategy

    Marketing leaders are increasingly being tasked with revamping their organisation’s external-facing digital properties to up the ante on customer engagement. At St John of God Health Care, this mandate not only resulted in a fresh, user-centric website, it’s also triggered a whole-of-organisation, customer-led digital transformation program.

    Written by Nadia Cameron10 March 17 07:29
  • 4 tips to help switch marketing automation systems

    What's more nerve-wracking than selecting a marketing automation system? Switching from an old platform to a new one. The transition process can be painful, but these four tips can help you avoid some of the most significant pitfalls.

    Written by Matt Kapko09 May 16 23:34
  • 10 myths marketing technology vendors want you to believe

    Real Story Group analyst Theresa Regli busts the most common myths marketing technology vendors tell customers and prospects, and other martech experts share insight on how marketing pros can navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

    Written by James A. Martin31 March 16 23:00
  • Don’t believe (all) the martech hype

    While advances in marketing technology can help you discover, track and engage customers in new ways, don’t be fooled into thinking martech is the silver bullet for all your marketing needs.

    Written by Sharon Goldman22 March 16 22:10
  • Taco Bell CMO on digital marketing's 7 paradoxes

    Taco Bell's marketing chief Marisa Thalberg says CMOs must overcome, or at least accept, seven key paradoxes if they hope to thrive in the modern marketing world.

    Written by Matt Kapko28 Jan. 16 04:49
  • How (and why) marketing tech fails to deliver on its promise

    Marketing technology promises to dramatically reduce wasted ad-spending and help marketers directly reach consumers with meaningful messages. Unfortunately, it hasn't delivered on that promise, and some marketing experts wonder if it ever will.

    Written by Matt Kapko21 Jan. 16 23:53
  • 12 questions to ask marketing automation vendors (before you buy)

    Thanks to the increasing number of marketing automation tools available today, picking the right platform is a challenge for even the savviest organizations. These 12 inquiries can help you cover all of the bases before you invest in new marketing tech.

    Written by James A. Martin20 Jan. 16 23:53
  • 7 marketing technology predictions for 2016

    Advertising and marketing experts say 2016 will be defined by the increased use of ad blockers, new metrics, additional third-party data sharing and more demand for native advertising.

    Written by Matt Kapko28 Dec. 15 16:00