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  • Serving justice, not technology

    The NSW Department of Justice is looking to drive transformation through a new technology project. Mark Coles analyses the task at hand, IT’s role and the business ramifications.

    Written by Mark Coles19 Dec. 14 09:00
  • The value of a strategically minded CIO

    Why are so many CIOs seen as nothing more than operational managers? Is it a distrust of ICT? Is it a lack of understanding? Or is it a mindset that refuses to evolve over time?

    Written by Mark Coles11 July 14 15:44
  • When CIOs are really just IT managers

    If you’re a strategic thinker and you’re stuck in an operational role, it’s time to move on, says Mark Coles.

    Written by Mark Coles02 May 14 09:14