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  • U.S. Must Crack Down on China's Cyber Threats

    Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon says that persistent cyber intrusions into corporate networks emanating from China are sapping economic relations with the United States.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin15 May 14 00:36
  • Cloud Service Providers Fight Back, Challenge NSA

    Facing a real business threat from the fallout from the NSA's intelligence gathering, tech sector luminaries are expanding their presence in Washington as they lobby for surveillance reforms.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin26 Feb. 14 15:30
  • Government Eager (But Struggling) to Make Data Available to Businesses

    The Obama administration is pressing agencies to unlock data sets to provide a foundation for startup businesses in sectors ranging from healthcare to transportation. But for now much of that data remains trapped in government systems.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin24 Jan. 14 17:29
  • AT&T Data Plan Is 'a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'

    Open Internet advocates are warning that AT&T's 'sponsored data' program could create pay-to-play mobile Web. It has also been described as a new form of double-dipping, where both customers and businesses are charged for the same data usage.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin09 Jan. 14 14:52
  • CIOs Must Balance Cloud Security and Customer Service

    Cloud era brings government IT new challenge of keeping data secure while broadening user access. This will require federal CIOs to take a more granular approach to access and encryption.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Jan. 14 17:27
  • Federal Agencies on Track to Consolidate Data Centers

    Congress looks to reduce the footprint of the government's IT infrastructure as agencies shift toward cloud computing, shared services and detailed reporting of government IT spending.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Nov. 13 01:31
  • NSA Director Denies Knowledge of Google, Yahoo Hack

    Confronted with the latest revelation from the Snowden disclosures, Gen. Keith Alexander says that the NSA obtains data from tech companies only through a court order.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin31 Oct. 13 13:16
  • Google Tells Feds It Wants to Disclose Surveillance Orders

    Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn are ramping up efforts in Congress and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to win authority to publish figures about data-collection orders received from the feds. The counter argument is that such disclosure would undermine the efforts of the intelligence community.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Oct. 13 20:14
  • Government IT Leaders Wrestle With Security Risks

    Federal officials say that their cybersecurity operations won't be disrupted by a shutdown if Congress can't reach a budget deal. However, persistent threats associated with big data, open data initiatives remain.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin26 Sept. 13 23:21