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  • Advice for CIOs: Beyond the obvious

    Everybody in our industry seems to love giving CIOs advice. How often have you heard those memorable bromides about understanding your business, thinking "more strategically" or connecting with customers?

    Written by Maryfran Johnson04 Nov. 10 03:00
  • Three opportunities for CIOs to prove their business smarts

    When CIOs join a new organisation, or their current company changes direction, they have an opportunity to establish themselves as strategic leaders. It doesn't matter if their companies aren't large or if they work in industries that adopt new technologies slowly.

    Written by Diane Frank04 Nov. 10 03:22
  • How private cloud shakes up traditional IT roles

    Rather than a traditional datacenter, the private cloud uses highly virtualized pools of compute, storage and network capabilities to optimize IT performance and utilization while providing the business with services that improve efficiency and agility. This offers organizations a way to circumvent the increasing complexity, inflexibility and cost of IT environments to be more competitive in the market place through greater efficiency, control, choice, quality of service and, most importantly, business agility. We need to spend more of our budgets on building new value and assets rather than spending precious dollars on, "keeping the lights on." Introducing the cloud!

    Written by Sanjay Mirchandani21 Oct. 10 05:39