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  • Job Site Returns to Feds -- and Struggles, the federal government's central website for posting its thousands of job openings, has experienced performance problems and has been the target of complaints about search-related problems since the government took it back from, which had run the site for years on a contract basis.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau07 Nov. 11 22:06
  • Feds acknowledge mistakes in USA Jobs site move

    The head of the agency that runs, the federal government employment site, apologized for the site's performance since it was taken over from last month, but defended the decision to do so and said the site is improving.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau04 Nov. 11 08:56
  • Robots are taking mid-level jobs, changing the economy

    Cambridge, Massachusetts: Computers and robots will replace humans in enough jobs that they will dramatically change the economy, said industry watchers and MIT economists at a robotics symposium Monday. And, they said, the transition has already started.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin01 Nov. 11 06:26
  • Why give up IBM's top job at 60?

    The traditional retirement age for CEOs at IBM has been 60, or close to it.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau27 Oct. 11 07:58
  • Managing the Fears That Define the Information Age

    To a large extent, our fears define us. Our earliest bipedal ancestors probably mostly had fears about ingestion -- either being eaten or not having enough to eat. The literature and art of the Victorians, as Julie Wosk notes in <a href="">Breaking Frame: Technology and the Visual Arts in the Nineteenth Century</a> , reflected a popular psychosis fixated on fears of being blown up by misengineered technology, being accelerated half out of one's mind on a train or being maimed when a train went off the tracks.

    Written by Thornton A. May25 Oct. 11 01:05
  • Gartner's Top 10 IT challenges include exiting baby boomers, Big Data

    ORLANDO -- In Gartner's list of the top 10 trends in IT infrastructure and operations are <a href="">multiple threats</a> and <a href="">opportunities</a> for data center operations.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau19 Oct. 11 08:47
  • High-skill visa reform needs action by Congress, Obama says

    WASHINGTON -- President Obama's administration has been <a href="">tweaking U.S. immigration policy</a> and making little changes where it can to try to encourage the type of immigrant it wants.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau12 Oct. 11 11:14
  • When Techies Speak, the Devil's in the Details

    Every IT professional has been here: A business person asks you a question, and your thorough answer just isn't good enough. You try to give more specific information in an attempt to break through the communication barrier. But the more you try, the worse things seem to get. In the end, the business person is seething with impatience, so you start to get confused and angry.

    Written by Paul Glen11 Oct. 11 00:57
  • Where will the Steve Jobs tech excitement come from now?

    Steve Jobs lived his life at the intersection of technology and art, adding excitement to new products like the iPhone and iPad that borrowed from other devices and created something brand new and magical.

    Written by Matt Hamblen07 Oct. 11 01:09
  • It's not the coding that's hard, it's the people

    The data about software development is sobering. Many projects end up over budget and over schedule, and one study puts the failure rate at one-in-five.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau06 Oct. 11 22:33