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  • IT Jobs Up, Skilled Immigrants Act Stalls

    A U.S. government report showing that hiring is up had some good news for IT workers: The tech industry added about 7,100 jobs in November, an increase of 0.17% from the previous month.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau19 Dec. 11 22:09
  • CA Technologies CEO: Doing what the customer needs

    William McCracken took over as chief executive officer of CA Technologies close to two years ago and in that time has engineered a series of organizational changes and acquisitions aimed at improving the company's perception among buyers and broadening its reach into new areas of technology and new customer segments.

    Written by John Gallant14 Dec. 11 09:01
  • Grassley wants worker 'protections' in green card bill

    Longtime H-1B visa reformer US Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is blocking Senate action on a bill to eliminate per country caps on employment-sponsored green cards because "it does nothing to better protect Americans."

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau06 Dec. 11 04:05
  • Fernando Gonzalez

    <strong>Fernando Gonzalez</strong>Favorite pastime: Watching my grandchildren grow. Something interesting that most people don't know about you: My love of the arts, primarily painting. I can draw very well, [but] I can't put life to what I draw. In high school, I was... a bookworm. One of my nicknames in school was "Professor." Last book you read:<a href="">John Adams</a> by David McCullough. Role model: Victor E. Villaseor, who wrote <a href="">Rain of Gold</a> . He writes a book every 10 years, and the fact that you can dedicate yourself to this one thing for 10 years -- that's dedication.

    Written by Ken Gagne05 Dec. 11 22:06
  • Let's Keep the Board of Directors in the Loop

    The role that IT plays in value creation should concern the very top levels of management. That being so, your company's <a href="">board of directors should be well versed in what is happening in IT</a> .

    Written by Thornton A. May22 Nov. 11 02:14
  • The New Metrics for CIO Success

    When I began my career as a CIO in 1997, success was defined by the basics: email delivery, network connectivity and application functionality. I personally wrote code, experimented with new operating systems and created novel analytics.

    Written by John D. Halamka21 Nov. 11 22:10
  • Ensuring project success

    Project plans sometimes go off the rails. That's always been the case, and with the perfection of the human race nowhere on the horizon, it will remain true. But we can reduce the number of projects that fail.

    Written by Bart Perkins21 Nov. 11 22:10
  • Federal court rules for employee in Infosys case

    An Infosys Technologies employee, who alleged in a lawsuit that the Indian offshore outsourcing company wrongly used visitor visas in its work, won a federal court decision that will allow him to bring his case to a jury.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau11 Nov. 11 07:34
  • A startup tech job fair with beer, music, 80 employers

    When Frank Sinatra sang "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere" about New York, he wasn't singing about startup tech businesses. Those startups are most associated with Silicon Valley, not Manhattan.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau09 Nov. 11 22:15
  • IBM Quietly Names a New CEO

    IBM Doesn't like drama -- and it proved that late last month when, without fanfare, its board of directors named 30-year company veteran Virginia Rometty to succeed Sam Palmisano as CEO.

    Written by Patric Thibodeau08 Nov. 11 02:32
  • Talking to the Business: Our Problems, Their Visions

    The first meeting for a project is a tense affair. There can be a lot of new things coming at you all at once. New co-workers. New technology. New processes. And, perhaps most problematic, new business partners.

    Written by Paul Glen08 Nov. 11 02:22