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News about malware detection
  • USENIX: Researchers propose security that adapts to combat malware that morphs

    Attackers launch malware that automatically alters itself to avoid detection, and they constantly create new domains where their command-and-control servers can hide, but researchers have come up with security software that detects the presence of attack code even if it has morphed and tracks down domains that infected client machines report to.

    Written by Tim Greene14 Aug. 13 16:04

Whitepapers about malware detection

  • Keeping up with an Increasingly Sophisticated Threat Environment

    Relying on traditional signature based Anti Virus alone is simply not sufficient to prevent today’s onslaught of new, sophisticated and advanced malware. This whitepaper describes in detail, some trends and statistics on the malware detection, it then introduces a multi-vector approach to accurately detect malware in the IT environment, and verify that existing anti malware already deployed are functioning optimally.