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  • Dell ready to help enterprises move Jive content into Yammer

    Proliferation tends to be a consequence any time a new technology trend takes off, and enterprise social networks are a prime example. Jive, Yammer and Salesforce Chatter are all among the competitors in this arena, and more than a few organizations are struggling under the weight of several of them.

    Written by Katherine Noyes28 April 15 04:41
  • Chef cooks ups infrastructure testing tools

    Borrowing a technique from the software development community, Chef, maker of a popular system configuration tool, has released the first commercial software to support a new and supposedly more effective approach to managing hardware and software, called test-driven infrastructure.

    Written by Joab Jackson17 July 14 06:56
  • CA gets into Cloud management of IT services

    CA Technologies is applying its expertise in service management to the cloud, launching a hosted offering to allow organisations manage and provision IT assets and external cloud services.

    Written by Joab Jackson18 June 14 03:20
  • Big data drives 47% growth for top 50 public cloud companies

    Big data analytics are driving rapid growth for public cloud computing vendors with revenues for the top 50 public cloud providers shooting up 47% in the fourth quarter last year to $6.2 billion, according to Technology Business Research Inc.

    Written by Brandon Butler16 April 14 08:19
  • Embarcadero moves into data modeling with CA ERwin buy

    Embarcadero Technologies is acquiring the ERwin data modeling software and associated personnel from CA Technologies, giving the vendor of software development tools an instant and formable presence in the growing field of data architecture.

    Written by Joab Jackson14 March 14 16:20
  • Cisco UCS 2.0: Flashy new data center servers revealed

    Cisco this week unveiled the second generation of its successful data center server system with versions that incorporate solid state flash memory designed to speed data access and cut power usage.

    Written by Jim Duffy23 Jan. 14 20:08
  • The Ig Nobels are tonight ... watch

    Harvard University's August Sanders Theater will play host tonight to a glittering collection of scientific luminaries, in a ceremony dedicated to recognizing some of the most important research of the year. And it will probably involve stuff like green hair, dead salmon brains, and monkey butts.

    Written by Jon Gold13 Sept. 13 14:25
  • VMware CTO Casado on network virtualization, security and competition with Cisco

    How do you bring the virtualization operations model to networking? That will be the job of Martin Casado, CTO of networking and security at VMware which this week launched NSX, the company's over-arching network virtualization package. Casado was one of the creators of OpenFlow, the protocol that spawned the software defined networking (SDN) movement.

    Written by Ellen Messmer30 Aug. 13 14:34
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gears up for the private cloud

    For the latest update of Oracle Enterprise Manager, the company has taken additional steps to help organizations set up their own private clouds, using Oracle systems, software and even non-Oracle products.

    Written by Joab Jackson02 July 13 12:10
  • TechEd crystalizes Microsoft's BYOD management strategy

    Microsoft's TechEd North America conference, which was held this week in New Orleans, provided a first glimpse of the architecture that Microsoft shops should use to manage employee personal devices for work duties, an emerging IT trend called bring your own device (BYOD).

    Written by Joab Jackson07 June 13 19:35