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  • Windows on verge of dropping below 90% market share

    Windows is on the verge of dropping below 90% market share, with smartphones and tablets posing an increasingly serious threat to Microsoft's dominance of the operating system market.

    Written by Jon Brodkin14 Jan. 11 09:15
  • Massive Mac OS X update shatters illusion of security

    Perhaps you've heard that the Apple Mac OS X operating system is simply more secure by design and not prone to the security flaws and vulnerabilities that plague the dominant Microsoft Windows operating system? Well, don't believe the hype. Apple unleashed an update for Mac OS X this week which fixes a massive 134 vulnerabilities.

    Written by Tony Bradley12 Nov. 10 02:15
  • Is Linux really harder to use?

    Not surprisingly, the misperception that Linux is harder to use than other operating systems is also one that competing vendors routinely use to scare potential new users away from Linux.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 Aug. 10 08:17