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  • New Apple patent hints at MacBook-tablet hybrid

    You don't need to be a Steve Jobs to see that as laptops become ever thinner and tablets become more and more popular, convergence of the products is inevitable. As that day approaches, Apple is preparing to be ready for it.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.17 Nov. 11 11:09
  • Upcoming MacBook Air refresh should be first 'Ultrabook'

    When Intel showed off the specifications for and a prototype of its new "Ultrabook" mobile platform in late May, the thin and light laptop design looked awfully familiar to a lot of Mac owners.

    Written by Robert Dutt14 June 11 04:14
  • MacBook Air due for refresh

    Apple this month will start to mass produce the next generation version of the MacBook Air, according to AppleInsider.

    Written by Paul Suarez14 June 11 00:52
  • Stolen Macbook recovered via tweets, photos of thief

    Another stolen laptop has been recovered with the one-two punch of laptop recovery software -- which took covertly took photos of the thief, a blog on Tumblr, and Twitter.

    Written by Melanie Pinola06 June 11 04:58
  • Dell teases MacBook Air rival with Facebook video

    Dell has teased its upcoming XPS 15z ultra-thin laptop on Facebook, posting photos and a video to pique consumer interest. The 15.6-inch laptop sports a slim and streamlined design and, like the late Dell Adamo, is meant to take on the MacBook Air.

    Written by Melanie Pinola18 May 11 00:49
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