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  • UK court rules LulzSec hacker to remain in police custody

    A 19-year-old British man who remains the lone suspect detained for a series of successful cyberstrikes by the hacking group Lulz Security will remain in police custody until at least Saturday, a London court ruled Thursday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk24 June 11 00:17
  • WikiLeaks: LulzSec DOS teaches CIA a lesson

    WikiLeaks has applauded Lulz Security’s (LulzSec) denial of service (DOS) attack on CIA's website, with the Twitter account of the group tweeting that the CIA will now understand the meaning of “WTF” -- a reference to the CIA's WikiLeaks Task Force, which has been investigating the group's release of classified US government documents.

    Written by Lisa Banks16 June 11 14:13
  • UK health service warned of poor security by hacker group

    The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) said Friday that no patient data was compromised after an intrusion of one of its websites by Lulz Security, a hacker group that has recently stung organizations including a U.S. public broadcasting network and Sony.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk10 June 11 20:12