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  • Mike Wright leaving Telstra after 38 years

    Telstra’s group managing director networks, Mike Wright is leaving the company he joined as a graduate in 1980. Brisbane-based Wright will leave the telco in September.

    Written by Byron Connolly10 July 18 10:39
  • RadComms: Tech advances to be fueled by spectrum

    Access to high-bandwidth wireless broadband is critical for supporting drones, national defence and autonomous mining equipment, according to presenters from industry and government at the RadComms conference in Sydney today.

    Written by Adam Bender10 Sept. 14 15:34
  • Where is mobility heading in 2014?

    The mobile device as the controller of other devices, Agile app development, the rise of the chief mobility officer and telco network sharing is where mobility is heading next year, according to analysts.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett27 Dec. 13 09:00
  • Huawei Australia’s revenue hits $368 million in 2012

    Chinese networking equipment giant Huawei appears to be gaining traction in the Australian market, reporting revenue of $368 million here in 2012, a 61 per cent jump over the previous year.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 May 13 16:20
  • Deloitte predicts worldwide spectrum shortage

    Deloitte has predicted a spectrum and broadband shortage around the world on the back of growth in smartphone shipments and global 4G rollouts.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald18 Jan. 13 13:05
  • Early days for 4G in the enterprise

    Australian enterprises are slowly adopting 4G wireless, according to industry analysts. While operators are selling 4G service at the same price as 3G, service coverage and equipment costs constraints remain.

    Written by Adam Bender12 Dec. 12 15:06
  • Optus speeds 4G, 3G+ deployments

    Optus is preparing 4G launches early next year in Adelaide and Canberra while simultaneously making enhancements to its existing 3G network, according to Optus managing director of networks, Guenther Ottendorfer.

    Written by Adam Bender04 Dec. 12 14:52
  • Amaysim CEO says 4G no ‘slam dunk’

    Amaysim is testing 4G services but is not certain customer demand exists for the faster wireless network technology, according to Amaysim CEO Rolf Hansen.

    Written by Adam Bender19 Nov. 12 12:58
  • Apple's iPad mini is 4G for Australia, too

    Apple's new iPad mini will support the Australian 4G networks offered by Telstra and Optus, the company announced this morning.

    Written by Ross Catanzariti24 Oct. 12 06:42
  • Verizon devours more spectrum with Cox deal

    While AT&amp;T's attempts to acquire T-Mobile are stuck in limbo, rival Verizon has been quietly gobbling up spectrum from cable companies like Cox Communications, which today sold Verizon $315 million in licenses for 20MHz of its Advanced <a href="">Wireless</a> Services (AWS) spectrum.

    Written by Brad Reed17 Dec. 11 08:37
  • Verizon LTE network back online

    Verizon says that it has restored its LTE data services less than a day <a href="">after acknowledging some customers had been knocked down to 3G speeds</a>. 

    Written by Brad Reed09 Dec. 11 03:24