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  • Linux Australia sorts out finances, keeps membership free

    Australia's peak body for Linux and open source software, Linux Australia, will change its constitution and financial year arrangement this month and has committed to offering free memberships for anyone interested in the organisation's programs and events.

    Written by Rodney Gedda04 Aug. 11 11:40
  • Smoke signals: Facebook and the death of privacy

    Author, futurist and virtual reality pioneer Mark Pesce took to the stage on the last day of 2011 in Brisbane to voice his concerns on the state of privacy in an age dominated by the likes of Facebook and Cloud computing. In an inspiring keynote, Pesce reflected on his history and experience with open source programming and the future it holds in its current context.

    Written by Mark Pesce28 Jan. 11 15:35
  • Pesce sorry for raunchy pics at

    Sydney-based writer and futurist Mark Pesce has apologised for using sexy images during his keynote address at the annual (LCA) open source conference in Brisbane last week.

    Written by Rodney Gedda31 Jan. 11 10:27
  • Open source powers new Aussie space race

    A group of Australian Linux enthusiasts are using freely available software and hardware designs to engineer a space craft that could one day land on the moon and reap a $20 million prize from Google.

    Written by Rodney Gedda27 Jan. 11 16:07
  • Mobile mesh network finds interest in NGOs

    A research project aimed at allowing mobile phones to communicate without traditional infrastructure has attracted phone manufactures and not-for-profits looking to leverage the technology.

    Written by James Hutchinson27 Jan. 11 15:48
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  • NZ school ditches Microsoft and goes totally open source

    A New Zealand high school running entirely on open source software has slashed its server requirements by a factor of almost 50, despite a government deal mandating the use of Microsoft software in all schools.

    Written by Angus Kidman25 Jan. 10 06:03