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  • Preparing for a software licence audit

    Facing a trying economy and decreasing new license revenue, enterprise software vendors are turning to more frequent licence audits to turn up missing revenue.

    Written by Stephanie Overby10 Dec. 12 12:46
  • Vendors releasing same software on parallel tracks

    Plenty of companies sell proprietary software: Microsoft, Apple and Oracle, for example. And many companies, such as Red Hat and IBM, make money by selling support, hosting or consulting for open-source software. But what's less known is that companies can release their software as open-source while also selling a commercial version of the same product.

    Written by Maria (Trombly) Korolov03 Nov. 11 05:32
  • Microsoft Azure designer talks up cloud licence transfers

    CIOs looking to move existing software assets into the cloud but unsure about the licensing arrangements should leverage credits and other transfer services to minimise the impact, says one of the designers of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

    Written by Rodney Gedda14 Dec. 10 14:10
  • Reckon updates Quicken license for cloud era

    Financial management software company Reckon Limited (ASX:RKN) has extended its licensing deal for the Quicken range in Australia to cover a hosted online version

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling06 Dec. 10 18:26
  • Two Way scores perpetual license from UK sister

    Interactive media company Two Way Limited (ASX:TTV) has negotiated a more favourable licensing deal with its sister company, eliminating the need to pay annual license fees

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling07 Oct. 10 18:06
  • Birst offers concurrent user pricing for BI

    On-demand BI vendor Birst announced Tuesday that it is now offering the option of concurrent user pricing, a licensing model few BI providers use because it can limit the amount of money they make compared to typical "named user" pricing.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus21 July 10 04:09
  • EnterpriseDB serves all-you-can-socket PostGres special

    EnterpriseDB, which offers a supported version of the open-source PostGres database, is now offering unlimited subscriptions that will allow organizations to run as many copies of the database server software as they desire. Total cost? US$40,000 per year.

    Written by Joab Jackson03 June 10 05:02
  • Google exec worries over 'rudderless' Java

    As if Oracle did not have enough work convincing MySQL users of its good intentions, the company also should set its sites on getting the Java platform back on track, contends a Google chief architect.

    Written by Joab Jackson14 April 10 06:20
  • Multiple consumer electronics companies hit with GPL lawsuit

    The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has brought a copyright lawsuit against 14 consumer electronics companies for allegedly violating GNU General Public License (GPL) in the use of GPL-licensed software in their products. Among those named in the suit are Best Buy, JVC, Western Digital Technologies and Westinghouse.

    Written by Joab Jackson15 Dec. 09 07:06
  • Windows 7 install trick saves up to $US100

    Users can do a "clean" installation of Windows 7 using an upgrade license to save $80-$100 over the price of a 'full' edition, a popular blog has reported.

    Written by Gregg Keizer24 Oct. 09 07:15
  • Wipro may be trimming its IP licensing business

    Indian outsourcer Wipro is considering exiting its business of creation and licensing of intellectual property (IP) in the area of connectivity, a company executive said on Thursday.

    Written by John Ribeiro25 Sept. 09 07:30