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  • Epsilon pledges to build 'Fort Knox' around breached system

    E-mail marketing giant Epsilon will build an industry-leading security system in response to a March 30 breach in which thieves gained access to the e-mail addresses and names of partner's customers, the CEO of Epsilon's parent company said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross22 April 11 00:15
  • Bank customers warned after breach at Epsilon marketing firm

    JP Morgan Chase and the Kroger supermarket chain are warning customers that their names and e-mail addresses may have fallen into the wrong hands after someone broke into computer systems at e-mail marketing giant Epsilon.

    Written by Robert McMillan02 April 11 10:57
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  • The Internet of Things now includes the grocery store's frozen-food aisle

    Every summer, people head to the grocery store in droves to pick up cartons of cold, creamy ice cream. It's a great way to stay cool. But shoppers will go elsewhere if the frozen dairy treat is crusted with yucky ice crystals--the result of freezing, thawing and refreezing.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige01 Aug. 15 23:10