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  • CSIRO cuts ‘degrade and tarnish’ agency: Senator Carr

    ​Shadow minister for innovation, Senator Kim Carr has denounced the Federal Government’s latest cuts to the CSIRO, describing the axing of 275 jobs and the closure of critical climate research programs as "degrading".

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 May 16 15:39
  • Australia, Japan reach broadband accord

    Australia and Japan appear to have signed a bilateral agreement relating to broadband, with NBN chief executive, Mike Quigley, and other government officials having met with Japanese Communications Minister, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, this week, according to reports.

    Written by Renai LeMay21 July 10 14:49
  • Conroy: I'm not responsible for IT

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has told press at the launch of a new $5 million Macquarie Telecom call centre that he doesn't consider information technology to be part of his portfolio.

    Written by Jenna Pitcher08 July 10 07:29