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  • Stephen Conroy quits following Gillard leadership loss

    Stephen Conroy, the minister for broadband, communications and the arts, has confirmed his resignation following the departure of Julia Gillard as the Australian prime minister and Labor leader today ( 26 June).

    Written by Computerworld Staff26 June 13 22:32
  • Rudd and Roxon need more leadership on e-Health: CIO

    Mater Hospital CIO, Malcolm Thatcher has called on the Federal Government to show more leadership over e-Health on the back of comments by federal health minister Nicola Roxon touting new legislation.

    Written by CIO Staff19 Jan. 10 15:09
  • Continued climate change uncertainty costly

    The failure of Australia's political leaders to agree on a way forward to tackle the global climate change threat as embodied by the voting down of the proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS) in the Senate today will have costly consequences.

    Written by Trevor Clarke02 Dec. 09 21:06
  • Analysts: NBN questions need answering

    ICT analysts have welcomed the Federal Government’s flip flop on the NBN but raised concerns it lacks detail.

    Written by Matthew Sainsbury07 April 09 16:08
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  • PM begins blogging

    In a move that may suggest greater use of Web 2.0 tools by the federal government, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has begun blogging.

    Written by Tim Lohman17 July 09 16:01