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  • Logitech expands video/audio gear for meeting rooms

    Logitech today expanded its offerings in the videoconferencing/collaboration space with the launch of its <strong>ConferenceCam Connect</strong> device ($499.99). Combining an HD 1080p video camera with dual microphones and a speakerphone for 360-degree audio, the ConferenceCam Connect is aimed at small workgroup collaboration settings (up to six people). The device sits between the entry-level BCC950 unit ($249.99) and the upper-end ConferenceCam CC3000e ($999.99).

    Written by Keith Shaw26 Jan. 15 20:04
  • Will the workplace of the future be about “the work” or “the place”?

    In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about Activity-Based Workplaces (ABWs) and the opportunities that can develop from evolving the office from a place where people simply process and execute tasks, to a place where people meet to collaborate and create.

    Written by Patrick Budmar10 Dec. 12 16:49
  • Laptops walking out the door of policy-free firms

    Concerned that your employees are being a bit lax when it comes to looking after their laptops? Steal them yourself, one vendor has advised in the wake of yet another damning security report that suggests laptops and other equipment are literally walking out of Australian companies that are still operating at far below world's best practice when it comes to device security.

    Written by David Braue06 Oct. 11 14:24
  • Laptop thefts from Australian businesses rise: Report

    Australian IT managers are battling technology equipment thieves with over half of those surveyed reporting losses this year, according to a Kensington business security report conducted by IDC Australia.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 Oct. 11 10:21
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  • How to Maximize Your Work Productivity on the Road

    Heading on a business trip? To get work done, you're going to need more than your laptop, smartphone and tablet. Here's what else you need to bring to be as productive as possible.

    Written by Paul Mah19 June 13 12:56