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  • In pictures: Is automation the future of cyber security?

    IT chiefs gathered at Sydney's Rockpool restaurant to discuss how they are automating cyber security management tasks across their organisations. The luncheon was sponsored by Juniper and ICT Networks.

    Written by Byron Connolly22 Sept. 17 09:19
  • Juniper jettisons mobile security business

    Juniper Networks has divested its mobile security product line, selling the assets to a private equity firm for $250 million.

    Written by Jim Duffy23 July 14 08:07
  • Juniper switching boss talks technology challenges, Cisco Nexus 6000

    Jonathan Davidson took over Juniper campus and data center switching when the two previously separate business units were combined following the departure of founding engineer R.K. Anand. Davidson has a service provider routing background at Juniper and Cisco, which is no coincidence -- after five years in switching, Juniper has been unable to mirror the success it had in its first five years in service provider routing. But it did start from zero and surpassed at least six other incumbent vendors to attain the No. 3 position in the market. The company has more than 20,000 switching customers cultivated through organic development, Davidson notes. And as Juniper moves forward amid a forklift upgrade facing its EX core switch base and after an initial misfire on the QFabric data center switch, it's focusing on customer demands for simplification, agility and automation. Davidson discussed some recent and future developments in Juniper enterprise switching.

    Written by Jim Duffy23 April 13 19:21
  • Juniper security products use device-fingerprinting as way to detect, block attacks

    Juniper Networks today rolled out a battalion of security products and services to protect corporate networks, stating that when it comes to defensive measures, security attacks can be better prevented by determining device-fingerprinting rather than blocking attacks based on IP address.

    Written by Ellen Messmer25 Feb. 13 12:00
  • Juniper routers open to attack

    A flaw has cropped up in Juniper's router operating system that can cause the systems to crash and reboot.

    Written by Jim Duffy04 Feb. 13 20:06
  • Startup NetCitadel aims to orchestrate security management controls in virtualized nets

    Startup NetCitadel today launched with a product called OneControl intended to automate what might otherwise be manual research and changes related to configuring firewalls, switches or other gear when virtual-machine (VM) workloads are spun up or down in enterprise data centers or cloud environments.

    Written by Ellen Messmer29 Jan. 13 12:05
  • Juniper CEO Johnson talks software, the company's recent challenges and key future directions

    Juniper Networks had a challenging 2012 as new product cycles were slow to take hold and global economic conditions took a toll on sales. The company also undertook a restructuring that saw 500 positions cut and the departure of four executive vice presidents. As the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company looks to re-energize its business, particularly with an eye towards enterprises and data centers, CEO Kevin Johnson shared his lessons learned in leading Juniper since 2008, as well as what's ahead for the company in a discussion with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Johnson also shared his thoughts on the hot topic of software-defined networks (SDN), Juniper's role in enabling cloud and competing against the industry's 800-pound gorilla, Cisco.

    Written by Jim Duffy and John Gallant18 Dec. 12 15:28