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  • Jobs up and down but slowly getting better

    Monthly jobs growth continues to bounce up and down like a super ball - but the ball is bouncing higher.

    Written by Jason Cadden and Evan Schwarten09 May 13 18:18
  • Internet job ads up 12% year-on-year

    The number of job ads online increased in May on an annual basis, according to government stats, with demand for professionals outstripping overall growth

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling29 June 11 17:40

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  • Tech Jobs of Tomorrow: Blockchain

    Whether you’re hiring or applying for new roles in emerging technologies, it’s important to know where that tech is headed and how companies are adapting their hiring and skills strategies. Blockchain is predicted to have one of the greatest impacts in the financial services industry. Download our whitepaper for insights into the blockchain jobs of tomorrow and how your workforce can prepare.