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  • Despite recession, finance job competition stays strong

    Finding qualified candidates for financial services and accounting positions should prove easy with the U.S. unemployment rate near 10 percent. However, firms have encountered a competitive marketplace as they search for the right employee, according to a new survey.

    Written by Rodney Gedda13 Dec. 10 10:11
  • Intergalactic agency seeks IT manager

    It sounded like your average IT management job: “short term contract to kill or be killed… work closely with the most wretched and dangerous scum… strategically plan and implement pain, death and destruction…” but it was really an ad for a Biotic-Powered Super-Soldier.

    Written by Tim Lohman14 Jan. 10 12:32
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  • Digital literacy: buzzword or job requirement?

    Graduation season just finished and the air still rings with bad advice given to bored students. Calls for "digital literacy" filled many auditoriums as speakers unclear on the concept tried to hype technologies such as <a href="">Twitter</a> without understanding the technical details they struggled to explain. That made me wonder what people mean when they say digital literacy, because I can think of a dozen definitions. So I asked around, and my suspicions were confirmed: if you demand digital literacy for your employees, be prepared to define exactly what you expect.

    Written by James E. Gaskin11 June 09 03:22