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  • JetBrains frees Python editor

    Although already known for being easy to use, the Python programming language has gotten another boost in usability thanks to a new free graphical editor from development software provider JetBrains.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 Sept. 13 20:16
  • IntelliJ gets a makeover for speed, Java 8

    JetBrains has thoroughly revamped its IntelliJ Idea IDE for Java, redesigning the user interface on top and installing a new, faster compiler underneath.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 Dec. 12 22:15
  • Kotlin project adds another language option to JVM

    Just when it seemed like developers already had a plethora of language options on the Java Virtual Machine, JetBrains with Project Kotlin is readying a general-purpose statically typed language for the JVM that is geared to performance-critical applications.

    Written by Paul Krill22 Aug. 11 20:07
  • Java 7 support slated for JetBrains IDE

    JetBrains this spring will offer full support for Java 7 in an upgrade to the company's IntelliJ Idea IDE, according to the JetBrains IntelliJ Idea blog. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 will support language features of Java 7 across the IDE with capabilities such as code completion, code inspections, and quickfixes.  

    Written by Paul Krill24 Feb. 11 03:46