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  • Proving the value of IT - Part two

    To some extent, organisations are being held back from realising the value of IT projects by the very way in which they measure success. Too often, it is based solely on the business case.

    Written by Georgina Swan02 Feb. 11 10:03
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  • Project Governance Part 4: Project Governance as the Approving body

    Ultimately accountability for the returns on investment lie with the Project Sponsor and governance team. So they should be actively reviewing and approving several aspects of the project. This should not be a 'tick and flick' type of approval, but a due, considered review with consideration as to the pros and cons and downstream implications.

    Written by Jed Simms08 Dec. 09 08:43
  • Project Governance Part 1: Non-understood Project Governance

    If you are having difficulty with your Governance teams, it is not surprising. Project Governance is not so much "misunderstood" as "not understood". People just don’t know what it is and, therefore, what senior management needs to know or do to be effective.

    Written by Jed Simms17 Nov. 09 09:58