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  • Intel at a crossroads with Itanium

    Intel this week reaffirmed its commitment to developing the Itanium processor, but also said it wants to grab market share with Xeon server chips in high-performance computing, where Itanium also plays.

    Written by Agam Shah10 April 10 05:47
  • Microsoft ending support for Itanium

    Microsoft is ending its support for Intel's Itanium processor with the current version of its Windows Server OS, according to a Microsoft blog posting Friday.

    Written by James Niccolai06 April 10 06:13
  • IBM, HP servers won't stop x86 onslaught on Unix

    The announcement of high-end servers by IBM and Hewlett-Packard this week won't halt declining Unix server sales as the onslaught of x86 servers continues, analysts said on Tuesday.

    Written by Agam Shah10 Feb. 10 07:25
  • Intel's Nehalem EX to gain error correction technology

    Intel's eight-core Nehalem EX server processor will include a technology derived from its high-end Itanium chips that helps to reduce data corruption and ensure reliable server performance, the company said Tuesday.

    Written by Agam Shah27 May 09 10:18
  • Intel once again delays Itanium chip

    After multiple delays, Intel on Thursday once again pushed back the release of its next-generation Itanium server chip to the first quarter of 2010.

    Written by Agam Shah22 May 09 05:35