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  • Readify launches two-year tech graduate program

    Software company Readify has put together a two-year graduate program for university leavers to train in a real working environment in the areas of development and programming, design and data analysis.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett23 Feb. 16 09:51
  • CIO Insights: What not to do when hiring talent

    It’s the same old conundrum: You need a particular skill but it's not in abundance in the market. This means how you go about sourcing talent is crucial, especially if you are planning to have it in-house.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett20 June 14 11:10
  • Why technology education is not cutting it

    Large numbers of high school staff teaching ICT are not formally qualified, which may have contributed to the drop in students studying technology courses at universities and colleges over the past 12 years.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett16 June 14 16:00
  • Solving the skills conundrum – part 2

    In the second and final part of this series on skills, we look at why providing IT staff with more formal education and hiring people with non-IT degrees may help to address the shortage of talent.

    Written by Tim Mendham24 June 13 09:00
  • Solving the skills conundrum – part 1

    When Bill Weeks took over as CIO of the US asset-recovery company, SquareTwo Financial, he saw 70 per cent of his development team out the door. Most left of their own accord; he fired the rest.

    Written by Tim Mendham19 June 13 09:29