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  • How to format an IT resumé

    Have you ever confidently sent your CV off to a recruiter, knowing you were perfect for that role, and wondered why you didn’t get a call back?

    Written by Davy Adams14 June 13 17:39
  • IT résumés: Think twice about the advice you've been given

    Recruiters, professional résumé writers and other career experts give out tons of advice on how best to write a résumé that will stand out from the competition. Their intentions are noble - they want to help people land jobs - but the problem with their advice is that it doesn't always apply to IT professionals and the nature of the work they do, says Shana Westerman, a recruiting manager with IT staffing firm Sapphire Technologies.

    Written by Meridith Levinson02 July 10 02:44
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  • IT résumé makeover: Advice for the tech pro who's done it all

    Executive career coach Donald Burns works with an IT professional who's won awards, worked for Fortune 500 companies, pharmaceutical businesses and in the government sector. The challenge: His resume was just a running list of the jobs he's held. The goal: make his most impressive skills stand out.

    Written by Rich Hein24 Jan. 13 14:57